God’s Loving Involvement in the Details of Our Lives

Gods involvement in the details of our lives to fulfill the dreams He gives us

This morning I received an email alert from Amazon about a new book being released by a certain author. As I sat looking at that email, the Holy Spirit took me down memory lane, reminding me how He works so amazingly and intricately in our lives to bring about relationships and events we could never have planned ourselves.

You see, after this particular author published his first book, a woman I didn’t know yet wrote to him with praise for a well-written novel. She included a few editorial observations, and their correspondence began. Eventually, he invited her to Wyoming to help edit his second volume.

She bought an older RV and headed west from her Maryland home. After helping her new friend complete his second novel, she continued traveling and fell in love with the RV lifestyle. It was time for a newer and bigger rig, and the older one went up for sale. I saw that ad, bought it, and we became great friends.

Over the following years, our friendship deepened as she fought a terminal illness. We met several times in different locations, she in her newer RV and me in the older one, to camp together. Eventually, she could no longer travel and I became the owner of her newer and bigger rig. After I took several trips to Florida in it to spend time with her in her final years, she passed away.

I miss her and the stimulating conversations we used to have, but the wonderful memories will always remain.

It truly was an unlikely chain of events that led to a rewarding friendship. I’d like to think God placed me in her life, and she in mine, to fulfill His plan and purposes for both of us. I know I benefitted tremendously from knowing her.

God’s Amazing Attention to Details

Today, I’m sitting in that same RV typing this newsletter. I’m parked at a little vacation resort in the mountains of Virginia ā€” a unique and quaint little place with cottages built as far back as the 1800s. My great-great-grandfather built one of the first little houses. My great-grandfather and grandfather built another. And my parents owned still another.

Today, I don’t own a cottage here, but I do own a lot with a nice level pad with full hookups to park my RV. It’s like having a piece of the old family farm. My only wish is that these buildings that surround me could talk and tell me more about my ancestors.

Of course, I have my own memories to savor from times spent here since I was a toddler.

When we came here as kids, the exact spot where I’m now parked was a path leading back through the woods to a creek where my brother, sister, and I spent countless hours playing. A couple dozen feet or so from where I’m now sitting, just to the side of the path we used to walk, was a small horse trailer converted into a tiny cabin with a deck attached to its side. It always intrigued me. As a little girl, I thought I’d love to have a little “cottage” like that.

Today, it’s no longer there and all that marks the spot is an old pole with the electric meter still attached. But I now have my own little “cottage” on wheels which I can park in almost the same spot as that little horse trailer that fascinated me so long ago.

God Loves to Fulfill the Dreams He Gives Us

How significant is all this in the grand scheme of things?

Not very. Except that it speaks volumes to me about my Heavenly Father and how He works in the most intricate of ways in the details of our lives to fulfill even the tiniest of dreams He instills in our hearts. Some take different forms than we imagined them. This RV is certainly not the same as that little old horse trailer. But it is, without a doubt, way better!

“Now all glory to God, who is able, through His mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.”  (Ephesians 3:20)

How about you? What details has He orchestrated in your life? What dreams, even seemingly tiny ones, has He fulfilled?

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