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Authentic & Purposeful

That’s the kind of life I strive to live, and I bet you do, too. Stick around as we discover together more about our personal Creator, our true identity and life purpose, and relating with others in mutually life-giving ways.

“A biblical purpose is always an unchanging reason for being. It holds true for you regardless of your circumstances or season of life. When a Christ-centered purpose becomes the focus of your life, it harmonizes all the other areas.”

—Ken Boa


Eight Little Words

All my life, I’ve enjoyed hearing my father’s stories, especially those of growing up on a farm with eleven siblings and of living in Nepal as a young single man.

While he began life on a farm and fully intended to be a farmer all his life, God had another plan and purpose for him.  A heartbreaking tragedy shook his idyllic world early one July morning in 1952. As he angrily lashed out at God in the middle of a cow pasture, he heard eight little words that forever changed his outlook and the course of his life.

My niece and I have had the privilege of reading his diaries and picking his brain as we compiled his stories into this book. I hope you’ll enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed writing them.  Buy it in paperback or Kindle here.