Otho Horst holding his book Eight Little Words

All my life, I’ve enjoyed hearing my father’s intriguing stories about growing up on a farm with eleven siblings and about his years as a single young man helping to build a hospital in Nepal.

Now I get to share them with others! My niece and I had the privilege of reading his diaries and letters and picking his brain as we compiled his stories into a book.

Otho Horst in Tansen Nepal

Eight Little Words is the story of God taking a young man from a farming community in Maryland to a remote town in Nepal and later to other locations of service. Otho was first stationed in Germany to help rebuild after World War II and then in Tansen, Nepal, to help build a new hospital in a country newly opened to the Western world.

At age nineteen, my father Otho Horst was living the only life he had ever known or dreamed of knowing — being a farmer. But then a heartbreaking tragedy shook his idyllic world early one July morning in 1952. As he angrily lashed out at God in the middle of a cow pasture, he heard eight little words that forever changed his outlook and the course of his life.

Ultimately, this book is an account of God’s faithfulness as He unfolds His purpose and plan in one man’s life.

Eight Little Words - How God Led a Mennonite Farm Boy to a Remote Town in Nepal

Eight Little Words is available from Amazon in both paperback and Kindle format.

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Otho Horst holding map of Nepal during his time in MCC Pax service after WWII