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The significance of easter - how it changes everything

The Significance of Easter: Two Ways It Changed Everything

Easter is the pivotal point of history and of our faith. Everything changed with the two events that bookend that first Easter weekend: Jesus’ crucifixion and His resurrection. With these two events, Jesus did away with our need to work to achieve righteousness by following a set of rules and made a way for us to live forever.

The significance of Easter is twofold. First, is that Jesus died to atone for all our sins, exchanging our sins for His righteousness when we believe in Him. Second, when Jesus rose from the dead, He conquered death. The same power to resurrect after death is now within us who believe in Jesus so that we, too, will resurrect to eternal life after our physical deaths.

A Few of My Favorite Things

This post is a little different, a little fun, and hopefully at least a little bit helpful. I’m going to share with you a few of my most favorite purchases this year. You may decide you want or need some of these items, too, or perhaps you’re still frantically looking for that perfect gift for someone on your Christmas gift list. If you have Amazon Prime, you still have time to order gifts and get them in time for Christmas!

Defeating the Christmas Grinch

How Jesus Defeated the Christmas Grinch

Does the Christmas Grinch threaten to steal your joy during the Christmas season? If so, there is hope!

The signs that Christmas is coming soon are all around us now. Christmas music follows us everywhere we go. Decorations line the streets and cover homes and lawns. People scurry around in stores agonizing over what gifts to buy. And the mail carrier is getting later every day as the volume of  Christmas mail grows more abundant.

You may be delighting in it all or trying to ignore it all. Either way, you aren’t alone.

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