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How to have peace in any situation

How to Have Peace in Any Situation

In a world where things go wrong, where evil is present, and where we don’t have full control, is it possible to have peace in every situation?

I would say it is. But it depends on our choices, especially in response to what we can’t control.

Moving past failure to freedom

Moving Past Failure to Freedom

Everyone fails. That reality should free us, but it doesn’t. We believe too many lies that keep us from moving past failure to freedom: We believe our failure is unredeemable. We believe failure defines us. We believe it is unforgivable. We believe others caused it. We believe we have to live in the defeat of our failure. And we believe that only bad results from failing.

As you read those statements, you probably recognize the fallacy in each one. Still, how do we shake off those lies and move forward?

Letting go is hard to do

7 Hard-earned Lessons in Letting Go

During the last six months or so the phrase “let go” kept cropping up everywhere in my life — in songs on the radio, in sermons, in inspirational writings, on social media — everywhere. It became so frequent and so obvious, I finally realized God was trying to tell me something about letting go.

What that something was, wasn’t so obvious. Over time, it gradually became quite clear.

What is my true identity

What is My True Identity?

If you and I would meet at a party and be arbitrarily seated next to each other, chances are we’d engage in small talk. We’d ask each other questions and offer tidbits of information in an effort to get to know each other a little better. You could even say that we would seek to discover the true identity of the other.

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