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Month: September 2018

Created to be unique

Why You Were Made to be Different

“May we have some glue?” my young niece asked me one day, years ago, when she and her siblings and cousins came to visit.

“What do you need it for?” I hesitated, as any responsible adult would when one kid representing six others asks for glue. They were great kids, but even the best of the best can have some hair-brained ideas at times!

Gods involvement in the details of our lives to fulfill the dreams He gives us

God’s Loving Involvement in the Details of Our Lives

This morning I received an email alert from Amazon about a new book being released by a certain author. As I sat looking at that email, the Holy Spirit took me down memory lane, reminding me how He works so amazingly and intricately in our lives to bring about relationships and events we could never have planned ourselves.

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